“National Security and Media Communications” is a leadership training program of the Georgian Strategic Analysis Centre (GSAC) designed for young public servants, researchers and journalists. Well-known and qualified Georgian and foreign specialists, professors and experts are conducting the training course.

The course is free of charge. The Georgian Strategic Analysis Center (GSAC) with the support of the Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TIKA) covers all the expenses related to the program.

The course curriculum consists of two parts. The first component includes theory and practice of national security and international relations, while the second part consists of media and information technology. Apart from the listed subjects below, the course also provides extra curriculum lectures on important current developments delivered by specially invited guest speakers.

Program attendees will receive theoretical knowledge and practical experience in the following:

  • Strategy and Security;

  • Art of Diplomacy;

  • International Relations;

  • EU and NATO;

  • Public Policy Analysis;

  • Regional Policy;

  • Wars and Conflict Analysis;

  • Democratic and Social Control Mechanisms of Security Sector;

  • Political History and Ideology;

  • Information Wars and Information Security;

  • Principles of Public Communication and Practical Skills;

  • Purpose, Role and Responsibility of Media in a Democratic Society;

  • Key Institutions and Mechanisms for Obtaining Information and Sources;

  • Trends in “new media” and contemporary journalism;