GSAC Academy

GSAC Academy

GSAC Academy represents the educational division of the Georgian Strategic Analysis Center.
This educational 
platform provides individuals who are interested in political and social processes with the opportunity to learn how to analyze, plan, and manage these processes in a three-dimensional framework. The three-dimensional framework provides students with an in-depth evaluation of these processes in a broad context, which in turn enables students to produce substantial analyses, formulate effective decisions, and devise tactics tailored for a result-oriented approach. The aim of GSAC Academy is to provide Georgian society with a new generation of leaders equipped with a unique set of skills, who will, in turn, add to the progressive development of the state. Within the framework of the Academy, there are three programs:

1) Governance and Political Technologies
2)Practical Diplomacy and School of Negotiations
3) The Art of Public Speaking

*Students are selected based on a rigorous application and interview system. Each training module is
commercial. The cost includes high-level meetings with state and international organizations and officials.

“Governance and Political Technologies”
This module provides participants with knowledge concerning the study of political technologies and public
communications. This module is tailored for the segment of society that aims to manage and influence
developments in Georgia. Through this module, participants gain a greater understanding of how political
agendas are created, how a state is run, how modern political brands are established, and how politicians
influence the subconscious of the individual.

The module covers the following topics:

  1. Political Philosophy and Games in Ancient Greece
  2.  State Governance and Processes of Institutionalization
  3. Innovations in Governance, Behind the Curtain Politics, Lobbying and Political Technologies
  4. Psychological Manipulation is Political Communication
  5. The Political Dimension of the Media
  6. Human Management in Organizational Environment
  7. The Role of Leaders and their Characteristics

The cost of the course is 725 GEL and lasts for 2.5 months.

“Practical Diplomacy and School of Negotiations”
This module is aimed at young professionals who are Interested in international relations and diplomacy;
and willing to deepen their knowledge and gain unique experience from individuals who have—over the
years—helped craft and execute Georgian foreign and national security policies. The module offers participants an unparalleled opportunity to gain practical knowledge and experience from
Georgian diplomats and academics who specialize in international relations. Participants learn about the
practicalities of the diplomatic process, what goes into public relations, how foreign political scenarios are
created and how they are executed, how public relations are portrayed in the media and what actually occurs
during negotiations.

The module covers the following topics:

  1. The Art of Negotiations
  2. The Diplomatic Language and Protocol
  3. Conflict Management

The cost of the program is 580 GEL

“The Art of Public Speaking”
Famous journalists and a former political leader came together to create this module, which is designed to
enhance participants’ skills in communication, public speaking, audience interaction, and effective
communication in diverse environments. This module is designed for those who strive to become effective
public speakers and positively influence various audiences. Within the framework of the module, participants
learn how to overcome their fear of speaking in front of an audience, how to effectively communicate with
any audience, how to correctly manage and create positive feedback from their emotions. More than half of
the module is dedicated to practical assignments and one-on-one work with the lecturer.

The module covers the following topics:

  1. Communicating with the Audience, Effective Self-Presentation, Effective Use of Body Language and voice
  2. Public Speaking in Different Formats, Working with a Camera, and the Art of Debate.

The module consists of five lectures (15 hours in total) and the cost is 290 GEL