Enhancing Women’s Role in National Security

Georgian Strategic Analysis Center conducted a one-year training course “Enhancing Women’s Role in National security”. The project was supported by the Embassy of the Kingdom of Netherlands in Georgia and implemented with the partnership of the NATO Liaison Office in Georgia.

This project facilitated the increase of female participation and leadership in Georgia’s national security sector by providing targeted training, capacity building, and mentorship that has
contributed towards confronting and eliminating key barriers to female engagement in the interrelated fields of security and defense. The project engaged 44 Georgian women from the national security field.
The activities carried out within the project framework have enhanced the participants’ understanding of foundational topics in national security increased their level of confidence and leadership skills and empowered them to pursue further education and career in the field of national security.
Moreover, the project has established a sustainable network for young women interested in or currently pursuing careers in security, which acted both as a support mechanism for female empowerment and as a tool for enhancing interagency cooperation and communication in the field of national security.
By carrying out regional workshops for both male and female participants, the proposed project has raised awareness of Georgia’s national security and improved an overall understanding of how the diversity and gender balance can enhance and develop Georgia’s national security agencies.
Finally, the project produced informational and motivational videos that will have a lasting impact on society’s understanding of the gender sensitivity and visibility of gender imbalance in the security –affiliated fields in Georgia.