Expert discussion

The Georgian Strategic Analysis Center (GSAC) took part in an expert discussion in Rome, at the Italian Center for International Studies (CeSI, Centro Studi Internazionali).

During the meeting, two thematic panels were developed:

– The current cut of the Russian-Ukrainian war and internal processes in the Kremlin;

– Transformation of the Armenian-Azerbaijani conflict;

The following took part in the discussion:

– Marco Di Liddo, head of programs of the Russia and South Caucasus section of CeSI;

– Pierluigi Barberini, analyst for the Defense and Security Desk on CeSI;

– Volodymyr Kopchak, GSAC expert, head of South Caucasian Branch of CACDS,

– Mykhailo Samus, director of the international platform New Geopolitics Research Network.

During the meeting, representatives of the Georgian Strategic Analysis Center and the Italian Center for International Studies discussed various formats of future cooperation.

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