Georgian Strategic Analysis Center (GSAC) is an independent, non-partisan, non-governmental think tank that aims to create a practical and analytical platform and discursive forum for various politically and policy relevant issues (strategic or domestic), decisions and themes in Georgia by offering multiple activities, such as research and analysis, conducting international projects with crucial importance covering energy efficiency and renewable energy issues, raising awareness on social, economic and political mainstream events on gender equality involvement in international and local projects concerning the above mentioned issues, training of policymakers and young leaders with appropriate knowledge and competitiveness.

We have a track record of attracting the best and the brightest scholars and practitioners to lead our programs. Our founders and staff members have held prominent positions in Georgian government as well as in the private sector. As a result, we benefit from a strong network of supporters across all levels of policymaking community.

Our dynamic research agenda is designed to shape the choices of leaders in Georgian government, the private sector and society to advance Georgia’s interests strongly in line with universal democratic values and liberties. Realizing the importance of the sustainable democratic development and social stability, we believe that our contribution be it strategic analysis or intensive research is absolutely crucial.

GSAC experts develop new ideas on how best to confront challenges and take advantage of opportunities in short and long term perspective. Policy recommendations are developed in collaboration with policymakers, experts and stakeholders in the respective areas. Our scholars not only engage in research that focuses on today’s most critical challenges but also look beyond towards ideas and issues that have yet to be developed and formulated.

The GSAC actively encourages engagement with those who hold different points of view. We believe that a competition of ideas and the multiplicity of views are essential recipes for strategic analysis and fruitful research.

We are present in different regions of Georgia to promote the Western values and Euro-Atlantic aspirations and to better understand needs and challenges of local population.

Our organization seeks to teach young leaders, train public servants and offer ideas to advance best solutions and principles of good governance. We run programs to develop a new generation of leaders capable of crafting innovative responses to the most pressing challenges that face our country and region.

Even though representatives of GSAC constistently participate in and even orgnaize academic events for different topics, unlike classical NGOs, it does not confine itself to pure academic circles and has a clear-cut goal: making in impact. GSAC belives that this is only possible by making its analyisis more accessible to the general public. Understanding analytical works requires deep comprehension of the topics at hand and GSAC has decided to amend this issue by making available “abridged” versions of its works, which are aimed at a wider public audience. By getting the general public to understand what classical NGOs have been pondering over for years, we can help create a better society.