Resilient Ethnic Minorities as a Response to Disinformation and Hybrid Threat

Georgian Strategic Analysis Center with the support of the Polish Embassy Tbilisi (NATO Contact Point Embassy) is launching second phase of the project: “Resilient Ethnic Minorities as a Response to Disinformation and Hybrid Threat” – in Akhalkalaki.

The program is intended for representatives of local civil society, teachers and young people living in Akhalkalaki.

The project seeks to increase resilience in representatives of ethnic minority groups in Georgia including local civil society members, opinion-makers, teachers as well as youths by equipping them with skills necessary for recognising components of hybrid threats such as disinformation, fake news, and propaganda and to be able to counter them.

GSAC will conduct a four-day, three-hour-long lecture session in Akhalkalaki. The lecture series will host several established professionals with diverse thematic focuses in disinformation, politics, national security, media literacy, etc.

Courses will address hybrid threats, disinformation, Georgia-NATO relations, NATO mission, role, its values, SNGP as well as Georgia’s aspiration towards NATO membership.