A New Generation of Protesters: Unrest in Moscow

An article published by one of our researchers about the ongoing protests in Moscow.
“Typical to any authoritarian regime, the civil unrest lurking under the everyday banality of modern life suddenly erupted in the streets of Moscow last Saturday. More than a thousand civilians have been arrested as a result of clashes with the riot police. As it usually is the case, the trigger for the protest happened to be a very narrow and specific issue (The Russian government denied oppositional candidates the right to participate in elections for the city council)which eventually transformed into broader demands, the latter being subsequently much similar to the popular demands during the protests of 2017/2018, namely corruption and overall dissatisfaction with the ruling tendencies of Vladimir Putin. The similarity is evident not only in the nature of demands of the protesters but also in the response undertaken by the Putin government.”

To read the article, follow the link.

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