Certificate Award Ceremony of “National Security and Media Communications”

Students of “National Security and Media Communications” received certificates of completion of 2017-2018 program in Georgian Strategic Analysis Center.

The ceremony was attended by the ambassador of Turkey, Fatma Ceren Yazgan, Head of Tbilisi office of TIKA, Huseyin Sanli and mentors and lecturers of the program.

The leadership program which is conducted by GSAC and supported by TIKA is aimed at representatives of: public institutes, political institutes, media sectors, NGOs, research organizations and other fields. The courses are held by leading specialists which theoritical and practical experience. The students of the program get opportunities to meet diplomats of various countries, politicians, security and media experts and also renew their knowledge about global, regional and local topics.

Applications for 2018-2019 program will start in the end of May.

The closing ceremony was reported by leading Georgian medias.

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