Conference about Niko Nikoladze – the founder of the Georgian electro energetic system

On 14th September 2021 within the energy project Georgian Strategic Analyses Center (GSAC) hosted a zoom conference – Niko Nikoladze – the founder of the Georgian electro energetic system.

Following individuals appeared at the conference: Ms. Elene Gabliani – director of Colchis culture museum in Poti; Lasha Bregvadze – senior researcher at GSAC; Alexandre Asatiani-Krevo – a specialist in international relations, diaspora, and global media of the administration of the President of Georgia. The meeting was moderated by Valeri Chechelashvili – a member of the executive council of GSAC. The conference was attended by GSAC experts and graduates of GSAC projects.

Participants of the meeting talked about the first steps towards electrification of Georgia, the XIX-XX centuries, and the tremendous role of Niko Nikoladze in this field. Challenges in the Georgian energy industry and prospects of its development were also pointed out during the meeting.

At the end of the meeting, participants discussed different issues and tried to answer questions raised during the conference.

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