National Unity Academic Platform

Georgian Strategic Analysis Center (GSAC) and analytical organization “GEOCASE” are implementing the project “National Unity Academic Platform” with the support of the Embassy of the United States of America.

The initiative aims to contribute reducing polarization in society and establish a multilateral cooperation space, which will be based on the common values that should initially encourage civil society and academic circles, as well as, the broader parts of the public. The implementation of the project provides an opportunity to reduce the level of polarization in society and for the opposing parties to find a common vision and resources necessary for the democratic and economic development of the country. With the execution of this project, the first precedent of multilateral cooperation is created, where parties with different opinions are given a solid basis for cooperation.

The initiative was presented to the heads of representative offices of the diplomatic corps accredited in Georgia, who expressed their readiness to support it within their capabilities. The implementation of the mentioned project is proof of this support.

Within the framework of the “National Unity Academic Platform”, the “Declaration of National Unity” was created. In the process of making the declaration, members of the academic and civil society were involved. They defined the common postulates for the development of the country that were reflected in the content of the declaration.

To achieve mentioned goals, the project team is visiting the university cities of Georgia to meet with the local civil society, and academic circles, where they will present the declaration and hold a discussion, after which everyone will have the opportunity to join the “Declaration of National Unity” by signing the declaration.

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