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  • American Investment in Georgia: “Dreams” vs. Reality By Christina Pushaw
  • Super Tuesday and Future of the Presidential Election
  • A New Generation of Protesters: Unrest in Moscow
  • Soft Power Or Hybrid Warfare?
  • Dead Man Walking : The Diplomacy of Kim Jong-un
  • Prisoner Imprisoned: The Story of Julian Assange
  • The Last Ottoman? : 2019 local elections in Turkey
  • The Anatomy of the Yellow Vest Movement
  • Elections of Dignity: Ukrainian Presidential Elections 2019
  • Why Georgia’s NATO integration has been stalled – Tornike Sharashenidze
  • Research report of Good Governance In Georgian National Sport Federations – Anatoli Korepanov
  • National Threat Assessment – GSAC
  • Defense Policies of France, as a superpower: Ambitions and Challenges [GEO] – Omar Begoidze
  • An Uncertain Future for Georgian Democracy – Luis Navarro
  • Georgian Foreign Policy Overview – Gia Japaridze