Training on „Misinformation -Instrument of internal and foreign politics“

A two-day seminar was conducted on „Misinformation -Instrument of internal and foreign politics“ at Georgian Strategic Analysis Center, which was organized by Free Russia in Georgia and GSAC. The main topics were:

  • How to identify misinformation and what methods should the society use against the fake news?
  • Cyber-security situation and the South Caucasus

These topics were discussed by: Journalist Olga Romanova; expert Mindaugas Lapinska; the founder of Cybersecurity Study Center Andro Gotsiridze; the founder of GSAC, professor Tornike Sharashenidze; representative of Free Russia Foundation in the south Caucasus, Nikolai Levshits and Igor Kuroptev.

The seminar was attended by citizens of Georgia, Russia and Ukraine. The discussion concerned  the common problems of all three countries.


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