Good Governance Standards In Georgian National Sport Federations

Good governance is a process that ensures the effectiveness of the organization and increases its ability to deal with challenges. The use of good governance by sports organizations promotes the establishment of trustworthy relationships and successful cooperation with government agencies, commercial and private organizations, partners and other entities. As a result, the degree of independence of sports organizations increases, which is a prerequisite for the application of appropriate principles of good governance.

To succeed, sports federations must have a good understanding of which principles of good governance, how and why they should be applied. On the other hand, public authorities, researchers, and other stakeholders should have credible mechanisms for monitoring the application of good governance principles by sports organizations.

The project “Standards of Good Governance in Georgian National Sports Federations” is part of an international project, which will conduct research on the application of the principles of good governance in 5 national sports federations of Georgia (athletics, football, handball, tennis, water sports federations).

In particular, each of the above federations will be evaluated using the 274 criteria of good governance. These criteria include 4 areas of governance: a) Transparency; B) democratic processes, c) internal accountability and control, d) public responsibility. The aim of the project is to facilitate the application of good governance practices in sports federations. It also serves:

  1. Raising the awareness of those involved in sports and increasing their capabilities;
  2. Further development of the state monitoring system for the use of good governance in sports;
  3. Comparative data collection used in international research.

The project is implemented with the financial support of the Council of Europe, in cooperation with the Danish Institute for Sport Education.

Denmark, Norway, Germany, Belgium, Romania, Poland, the Netherlands, Brazil, Montenegro and Cyprus are participating in the international program “Good Governance Standards in the National Federations” developed by the Danish Institute for Sports Education. GSAC is the exclusive partner of the Danish Sports Training Institute in Georgia. The presentation of the project results is scheduled for December this year.

For more information on the international project, see:


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