Supporting the Integration of Russian Migrants into Georgian Society

The Georgian Strategic Analysis Center (GSAC) with the financial support of The U.S. Russia Foundation started to implement the project “Supporting the Integration of Russian Migrants into Georgian Society”. The program aims to help participants to integrate into Georgian society, by having better knowledge and understanding of the Georgian language, culture, society, basics of Georgian legislation and etc. The project provides psychological, legal, and educational support to Russian migrants through a year-long enrichment and educational program. The program is facilitated through five primary activities, which are as follows: legal assistance, psychological assistance, a Georgian language course, educational training and seminars, and a final networking event. Through participation in the program, the migrants will be better able to understand Georgian culture, connect with others, improve their mental well-being, and access legal assistance. In the long-term, participants will be better able to integrate into Georgian society.

To introduce participants to a new environment and promote their successful integration into Georgian society, the following modules will be covered:

  1. Introduction of the program and the curriculum
  2. Adaptation during forced emigration
  3. Georgian legal system
  4. Georgian Culture and Society
  5. Georgian Language
  6. Georgian History
  7. Georgian-Russian Relations
  8. Modern Georgia
  9. Business in Georgia

To increase the audience, during the course, all lectures and seminars will be streamed live, moreover recorded, and uploaded on the YouTube page, specially created for the project, under the GSAC web page. The content created during the course, will be available for further use.

Moreover, Russian migrants can access free psychological and legal assistance during the 11 months period of time.

For additional information, please visit the project’s social media pages: Telegram | Facebook |  Instagram | YouTube  | Twitter 


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